Landgate is committed to making our website as accessible as possible. We aim to make this website compliant with the WA Government Website Accessibility Policy and enable access for:

1. people with disabilities who may use assistive technologies
2. people using mobile devices
3. those with slower internet connections
4. rural and regional users.

Landgate has made improvements to our website in an ongoing effort to comply with the WA Government Website Accessibility Policy.

These improvements include responsive design for mobile devices.

You can send us feedback on the accessibility of this website via feedback or call Customer Service on +61 0(8) 9273 7373.


To help with scanning content or people using assistive technologies, we have provided meaningful hyperlink text.

The following best practice approach is taken for linking within our site:

  • all links to pages within the site, where the menu is still available, will open within the same window
  • all links to attachments or external sites will open into a new window.

This approach allows users to set their browser options to open in a new tab if this is preferred to opening in a new window.

Text resizing

Text on this site can not be resized.


All images that are used to display a meaning will have alternative text available. Some browsers may also display a tooltip of this alternative text when the cursor hovers or focuses on the image.

Images that are used for decorative purposes only do not contain any alternative text.


Where possible tables are only used to display tabular information and are not used for formatting.

Row and column headings have been identified using HTML for use with assistive technologies.

Using your browser's print option will also produce a print-friendly version.


If you have any feedback or suggestions or you are having any difficulties with our website please contact us.


This site is optimised for 1024 x 768 screen resolution and has responsive design, ensuring content can be scaled to a lower screen resolution and be optimised for mobile devices.

It is recommended that you upgrade to the lastest version of your browser for maximum system compatibility.

Required software

You need to have a web browser installed. Supported web browsers include (Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox and Microsoft's Internet Explorer). Only the latest version of these browser are supported.