Read how some of our Pastures from Space Plus customers are using the product and have benefited from the historical paddock level data and its suite of near real-time monitoring tools in the real world.

Because of the skills shortage in the Australian agriculture industry, the SmartFarm Learning Hub, a collaboration between 7 universities, is introducing real industry technology learning modules into the Year 9-12 agriculture curriculums in NSW high schools to encourage the next generation to consider a career in that sector.

In a recent workshop, 53% of educators either ‘strongly agreed’ or ‘agreed’ that PfS Plus would inspire students to commence agricultural studies at a tertiary level. I believe this is because PfS Plus demonstrates to students the technology utilised in the agricultural industry and assists them to develop the critical thinking skills required for analysing real world agricultural problems.

Dr Amy Cosby, Project Manager and Research Fellow, SMART farm Learning Hub

The NDVI imagery, coupled with historic pasture growth rates available within PfS Plus gave my client the confidence, with my assurance, to forge ahead with a million-dollar cattle purchase.

L Harrison,  NSW

I have just renewed my PfS Plus subscription. In seasons such as this horribly dry one, it is critical to get sheep nutritional management right and it certainly helps to have an accurate idea of pasture growth rates rather than relying purely on gut feel.

L Anderson,  WA